Wheat & Grain Resources

Grains I use often:

Milling flour into a bowl.

Modern Varieties

  • hard red wheat - for breads
  • hard white wheat - for breads, a milder flavor than the reds
  • soft white wheat - for cakes and cookies

Heritage Varieties

  • Red Fife (good for bread)
  • Rouge de Bordeaux (works really well for bread)
  • Sonora white (a soft white, one of the earliest wheats planted in North America)
  • Kamut

Ancient Varieties

  • einkorn (the original wild wheat)
  • emmer (the Egyptians used this to make the bread that fed the pyramid builders)
  • spelt (the Romans were fond of spelt)


  • oat groats (I flake my own oatmeal every morning, yummmmm!)
  • Hopi blue corn
  • rye

Online Sources

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